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Open Flash Chart

Open Flash Chart is lovely component to display charts in Flash. It's free and easy to use. It's still in development and with each release it gets more great features.

Quick Hack: Floating Bar

In one of our projects we need a floating bar chart. At the moment (Version 1.97) this chart is missing. But there is an other type of chart you can use as a floating bar chart: the candle bar. If you set high/open to the same value as well close/low you'll get a filled floating bar. But candle bars are missing two important features: custom tooltips and links. Since we needed this features we added them.

How To

Download Open Flash Chart with the full source. Unpack the downloaded zip and copy the our modified CandleStyle.as to the actionscript folder. Also copy the modified open-flash.chart.php to the php-ofc-library folder. That's it. If you like see what changed have a look at these files. You'll find some comments where we changed something.

To build the component you need either Flash Version 8 or FlashDevelop. Or just download our complied version here.

How to use

Instead of using:

candle( integer $high, integer $open, integer $close, integer $low )

just use:

candle( integer $high, integer $open, integer $close, integer $low, string $tooltip, string $link )

If you don't need a custom tooltip or link just use an empty string.