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BHome - External Video Player

Since Version 1.2.1 BHome is able to use an external video player. You can choose to use the player only on video formats which are not support by BHome or always. 
Before you can use this option you need to install at least one of the supported third party video players.

Please note that we can not give any support on third party Apps!!!
BHome only pass the video location to the third party App. 
In case of any issues you need to contact the support of the third party App!

This external Apps can be used:

  • KalemSoft Media Player
  • TouchPlayer

KalemSoft Media Player

KalemSoft Media Player is a paid App with great media support. It can be downloaded from the App Catalog.

For more information check the App Catalog or visit their homepage.


TouchPlayer is free, open source App. This App has to be installed with Preware. The App can not be installed with the official App Catalog.

For more information and how to install the App visit the project page on PreCentral, have a look at the support forum or go to the homepage of the App.