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Blue Star Software

This product is outdated! Support for this product has been stopped.
If this product was a beta product may documentation, installer and/or features are missing.



  • Titlebar buttons

  • These buttons appear left of the usual ones ( minmize, maximize, close ). For every program, you can define the buttons which you want to have displayed.

  • Pager

  • You can create a maximum from 9 x 9 virtual desktops. A virtual desktop is like another monitor. The pager supports mouse-switching which means every time your mouse pointer reaches one of the edges of the desktop, the virtual desktop will switch. It is of course possible to move every window in the pager window.

  • Toolbar

  • This kind of toolbar is unique. Every toolbar can have sub toolbar!

  • Hotkey

  • You can define a program for every key. These hotkeys depend on the state of num-lock, scroll-lock and CAPS-Lock. You can even differentiate between left and right shift, control and alt- key. Of course you can redefine the hotkeys of the Microsoft keyboards and mice.


Latest Version: MCP