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Blue Star Software

Web Desgin & Development

Your company would like to have an appealing presence in the web. You need someone who can create a complex Web Application for your company. Or do you perhaps need a small change on your already existing website?
No problem! We'll get any of these jobs done for you!


We'll help you to work out and create a website which perfectly suits your company. It is only with individuality that you can achieve what you want to achieve. There's hardly anything more boring - and with that anything but interesting - than a badly designed website or one that is designed like hundreds of others sites on the web.
We would also like to offer to convert your existing design so that you can use it effectively for your presence in the Internet. Most of the time, it takes just a few minor changes for you to have your own and brand new website.

You may have experienced yourself that slightly changing the texts or graphics on your website can turn out to be a problem for you. In order to facilitate these processes, we can offer you a CMS (Typo3, Drupal, Wordpress or a Flat-CMS like GRAV) with which you can easily carry out smaller modifications yourself.
If you wish, we can of course also help you modify and extend your existing pages.

The pages we create are developed according to the latest standards. Today, this is for example HTML4/HTML5 or XHTML. Even the most complex web pages can be developed on the basis of dynamic HTML (AJAX), the great advantage of which being that your customers won't need to install a extra plug-in and will still get the benefit of the complex application. And if you want to make your site even more appealing, we can integrate eye-catching Flash-Animations seamlessly into your page.
All the pages we create will be checked for compatibility with the most popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Google Chrome, Safari. Thus you can be sure that you will not exclude anyone of your customers just because he is using "the wrong" Browser.

Web Applications are becoming more and more important. Whether you want to enable your customers to access their orders and invoices online, or if you would like to give your external employees access to you internal network; we will develop all kinds of Web Applications like, for example, SOAP Objects or Web Interfaces based on PHP, Ruby, Python or JSP, XSP, Javescript, NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, Dart, Flutter - and we will make sure that all communication is secure.