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Blue Star Software


Are you looking for someone to host your websites? Are you searching for a provider for your complex Web Application? Or are you perhaps looking for someone who can provide fancy Top-Level Domains?
No problem! We'll get any of these jobs done for you!


We can offer you budget-priced space for you website on our own Internet Server, and thus we can comply even with more or less unusual customer wishes which other providers cannot or do not want to comply with.
You will be granted access to an administration interface of your own from where you can manage all your settings and Domains.

With our own DNS we can offer you Top-Level Domains which you cannot get with any ohter provider. How about www.YourCompany.ag?

For more information and price lists please visit our special website www.horreum.info. Unfortunately, at the moment this page is only available in German at the moment. Please contact us us if you would like to receive an offer in English.