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This product is outdated! Support for this product has been stopped.
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A small command line program which inserts your computer's internet IP address into a HTML-document and uploads this file onto an ftp-server or sends it as an e-mail.
The program searches for #ip# in the source HTML-document and replaces it with the internet IP currently assigned to your computer.




MSendIP-ftpTransfer file to a ftp-server
<remote server>Name of the FTP-Servers
<userid>Userid for you account
<local html file>Name of the file you want to transfer. Before the file will be transferred, MSendIP scans for the pattern and replaces it with the IP-address currently assigned to you.
<remote file name>Path and name of the file on the ftp-server
MSendIP-mailSend file as an email
<remote SMTP server>Address of the email server
<from address>Sender-address ( must be a valid email-address ! )
<to address>Receipt-address ( must be a valid email-address ! )
<local file>Name of the file which you want to transfer. Before the file will be transferred MSendIP scans for the pattern and replace it with you currently assigned ip-address


optionale parameters


[-port <portnumber>]Port of the server. By default 21 for ftp transfer or 25 of mail transfer
[-passiv]use passive mode ( ftp only )
[-skipras] Don't use RAS detection routine ! Must be enabled when you are connected via a network card ( e.x. DSL )
[-rasname <phonebook name>]File will only transfer if this phonebook entry is active
[-ken]Determine the ip from the log file of KEN (a product of [<AVM)
[-kenpath <path>]Specify the installation path of KEN. ( only with valid with -ken option )


MSendIP -ftp ftp.test.com testuser testpwd c:\upload\ip.html /pub/usr/testuser/ip.html -port 2121 -passiv
MSendIP -mail smtp.myprovider.com me.home@test.com me.work@test.com c:\upload\ip.html


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