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Blue Star Software


Contemporary artist don't always have it easy nowadays. Homelessly they tramp through the internet and try and find accommodation somewhere. And when they eventually find a place to stay, most of the time it is not permanent due to lack of money.
One of our many concerns is to help them whenever it is possible by either offering them special conditions or by giving them a home for their Websites.

In particular we cooperate with the artist Shu Lea Cheang (see also) in this sector. Together with her we have already carried out many projects. Teamwork with an artist is always a great challenge. Most of the time they see technology from a completely different angle and imagine things other than they are. The realization of a project sometimes pushes one to the limits of technology which one probably would never have reached otherwise. And to go beyond even these limits is the art on our side. Hence, it is always both sites that profit by cooperation !

Below you find a small list of assorted art projects: