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Blue Star Software


Do you need a small tool supporting your existing environment? Do you perhaps need new invoice software with warehouse management, a complex web application, or just a small script for your website?
No problem! We'll get any of these jobs done for you!


Our developers are proficient in all established programming languages as Assembler, Basic, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Perl, Swift and PHP. And other languages, those which are as yet unknown to us, we do not regard as handicap but as an inspiring challenge. Up to now, we have never had to surrender to a programming language, and this is because we know how to program and don't just know any of the above mentioned languages. Thus, object orientated programming, aspect orientated programming, Generics and Reflection are are good friends of ours. Whether Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS or Android - we're familiar with all major platforms. XML and SOAP are part of our daily routine - as well as the respective DTD and Scheme design. Needless to say that we're using existing frameworks as MFC, .NET or PEAR in our projects.

In addition, we are familiar with well-established database management systems. Whether commercial systems as DB/2, Oracle and MS-SQL Server or Open-Source systems as MySql, PostgreSQL or NoSql Systems. We know the strengths and weaknesses of any given system so that we can use the most suitable database for every project.

As far as software development is concerned, direct communication with the end user is a matter of great concern for us. Only if your customers are satisfied with a product you can be satisfied as well. For example, we do not forget the keyboard today, in the times of modern GUIs and make sure that comfortable control of our programs is possible without the mouse, because the fastest way to a function is still mostly done by keystroke and not by mouse click.

Together with us, you will find a solution for every single one of your problems, using the most suitable language and platform and thus achieving the best result possible.