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Finally, you may want to introduce a network in your company, or your existing network must be extended and you are searching for someone to carry out the extension. Or you perhaps have a small network but you do not have an able administrator. Or would you probably like to connect your existing network to the internet?
No problem! We'll get any of these jobs done for you!


Whether you want to setup a new user, to reorganize you current network or you need someone to do the entire planning and installation of a new network. We're the right people for the job. For smaller companies, employing a network administrator is not really viable. But that doesn't mean that a network is not viable, either. Most tasks of network support can be carried out by a competent employee, and for task which go beyond basic support we are there for you.

We will show you which technology suits your individual needs best and how you can use it most efficiently. Moreover, we will develop with you a tailor-made infrastructure, since solutions "off the peg" hold the danger of many security problems. We help you to avoid exactly this.

Through the right combination and configuration of file servers based on Windows or Linux, backup systems, router, firewalls and virus scanner we can create for you a network in which you may feel safe and secure - and above all, you will be!