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BHome is an UPnP Media Browser. With this UPnP/DLNA-Client you can connect to your local UPnP-Servers, browse through the content and view the content. So there is no need to copy the content to your device first before you can view it. Go ahead and view it directly via your network. You're able to display photos, play videos and listen to music.
If you like you can also import the media files to your TouchPad. Or use the "Play To"-Feature to redirect files to other UPnP enabled render devices of your network (device and media server needs to support this).

In BHome you can only view/play files which are supported by webOS!

If the built-in app (Music or Photo & Video) isn't able to play/show the file, then BHome won't either! If you want to use any other files (avi, mkv, divx, flac, ...) you need a Media-Server which supports transcoding or use an external video player App.

  • Audio: DRM-free MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV
  • Video: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF

Since every UPnP/DLNA-Server is different not all will work with this app. Use the free version to test if yours is working.
The free version is identically to the pro version, except that the free version will display a reminder dialog from time to time.
Tell us if you have a server that doesn't work.


  • Discover UPnP/DLNA-Media-Server
  • Browse the folder structure
  • View Images (Carouse) 
  • Set images as wallpaper
  • Image slideshow
  • Themes
  • In-App audio playback
  • In-App video playback
  • A lot of options :-)
  • [since 1.0.6] Shuffle Mode (images, audio, video) 
  • [since 1.0.6] Icon and detail view of folders 
  • [since 1.0.6] Multi-Window support 
  • [since 1.0.6] Import of files to the TouchPad 
  • [since 1.1.3] Warning dialog on unsupported file types (optional) 
  • [since 1.1.4] Built-in Diagnostic Module so we can help in case of problems
  • [since 1.2.0] Context menus 
  • [since 1.2.0] "Play To" other render devices on your local network such as TVs, Music Systems, Computers, ... 
    The render device and media server needs to support this! Supported file formats are depending on the render device. Check your manual.
  • [since 1.2.0] "Media Control" screen to remote control render devices 
    The render device needs to support this!
  • [since 1.2.1] Option to use TouchPlayer as external Player
  • [since 1.3.0] Option to use KalemSoft Media Player as external player
  • [since 1.3.0] Exhibition Mode for images

UPnP Server Transcoding (User-Agent)

Need to be supported by your media server. Check manual of your media server how to add a new render device. We can't give support on this! Skip this section if you don't understand it :-)

These are parts of the used User-Agent strings:

  • Normal connect: Browse: BSS webOS Device
  • Normal connect: Video Stream: GStreamer
  • Fast connect: Browse: wOSSystem and TouchPad
  • Fast connect: Video Stream: GStreamer

UPnP Tools

If we ask you to help, you may need to do this

  • Download the Intel UPnP Tools
  • Install the Tools
  • Start the "Device Spy"
  • Your UPnP-Server should appear in the device list
  • Right click on your device and select "Get Device XML"
  • Submit us the url and output


This application needs a webOS device with Version 3 or higher.


Since the development of this App has been stopped we have decided you to can use the lasted full version for free. Have fun!