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Blue Star Software


Are you in need of training in WinWord, Excel etc.? Would you like your employees to be trained in new technologies like XML and SOAP? Or perhaps you are looking for someone who can explain to you the function of a Firewall and why it isn't enough just to buy a virus scanner.
No problem! We'll get any of these jobs done for you!


Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge in all sectors of IT we are can provide almost any kind of training. (In addition, we are said to be patient with our trainees). Whether you would like new employees to be trained in the basics of word processing and spreadsheet analysis, or whether you would like your network administrator to be provided with further knowledge or to be up to date. Or perhaps your managers could do with some training so that they can gain some insight into what the IT department are doing and thus understand what they try to tell them - or perhaps what they are keeping from them.
You can either rely on tried and tested course targets, or you can determine different ones for yourself.

Needless to say that we will come and visit your company to carry out the training there, thus saving you and your employees valuable time. Moreover, they will be in a familiar environment, a fact which normally enhances the learning effect, in our experience.
If you, however, would rather we didn't come and visit you, we can also provide training elsewhere.